Hello Beautiful!
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About us


We believe you are an individual and no one is like you and ever will be. Aora pieces are ones which we pride to be different.  There is nothing like stepping into a room feeling confident, beautiful, fearless and bold knowing that you are showing up as your true self.


Launched in 2016 ,we wanted Aora to be a place where people find rare jewellery pieces which help them express who they really are. The name Aora was derived from the idea of aura, we believe you create your aura by how you feel, which is why we want you to feel amazing when you are wearing our jewellery.


Our muse is not swayed by big trends and fads, for she is rooted in who she is as a person and knows her personal style. She is fun, witty and has an infectious being. She knows how to turn around a basic outfit with some beautiful accessories.


She knows how to stack rings, bracelets and necklaces. She doesn’t follow any rules, she dresses to please herself and her inner muse.


We believe that what ever you decide to wear, have fun with with your accessories and show people who you really are even if they talk. Be bold, confident, daring and beautiful.

Dare to be rare!